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mce.lha - game/utility
Apr 23, 2024

theme_list.lha - utility/misc
Apr 23, 2024

faac.lha - audio/convert
Apr 22, 2024

faad2.lha - audio/convert
Apr 22, 2024

seq.lha - audio/misc
Apr 22, 2024

libfaac.lha - development/library/audio
Apr 22, 2024

libfaad.lha - development/library/audio
Apr 22, 2024

image2pdf.lha - utility/text/convert
Apr 22, 2024

libharfbuzz.lha - development/library/graphics
Apr 20, 2024

libpng.lha - development/library/graphics
Apr 20, 2024

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AmigaOS Software

This database is designed to track the hundreds of available applications that are compatible with AmigaOS 4.x, whether native applications or classic applications from the OS 3.x days. Here you can look up a specific application to see if it works and how. Keeping the database current relies upon your input so please, if you see something missing, would like to add a tip to a title already listed, or believe there is a mistake, let us know!

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WBBump 2.0 FULL
>From the docs:
"A bumpmapped logo is put on your Workbench(tm) screen or any other public screen of your wish. The lightsource of the bumpmapping is your mouse pointer!"

For example you can display a digital clock in th

WBsteroids 1.7 FULL
68k classic game,There is no sound on amigaone os4.
Edit: now, with the release of update3, the sound works.

WindChime 1.4 FULL
verified by scabit (31/08/12)

WipeOut2097 1.0 FULL
Requires Warp3D supported graphics card. Crashes on exit invalidating partition - recommended to run from SFS partition or remember to reboot rather than exit the game.

Wizard Clock 1.3 FULL
verified by scabit (31/08/12)

WordPerfect 5.0 None
Doesn't work. Locks up AmigaOne. Try AmigaWriter, FinalWriter 97, or Wordworth 7 instead.

WordWorth 7 FULL
A wordprocessor which works very well on OS4.

Wordworth 7.01 FULL
Works well on OS4. To avoid thge Grim Reaper
set the icon to "Start from: Workbench".

World Construction Set 1.1 FULL
A fractal landscape renderer in the vein of VistaPro. Appears to work fine under OS4.

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