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Ordering is disabled. This page remains active for historical reasons.

Here you are able to buy a small selection of useful Amiga orientated things and all money raised will go back into IntuitionBase to secure its future and allow me to continue to expand with new features and hopefully provide you with a more informative site.

So far we only have case badges for sale but who knows what the future might bring. If you would like to see something produced for the Amiga then get in touch with me and I'll see what I can do.


There are currently 2 designs you can buy, I may add more in future, it all depends on your feedback and readiness to get your wallets out :-)

The badges themselves are domed 1inch (25mmx25mm) square and are made from clear non-scratch, non-fade, UV-stable plastic. Designed in house by Mark Benson.
You can take a look at a photo of the badges here

The cost of the badges are ?3 each plus postage. Now I know your thinking thats expensive, but think of it as a donation to us and the badge is your free gift :-).

Postage to the UK is 30 pence.
Postage to Europe is 50 pence.
Postage to the rest of the world is 70 pence.
Postal prices cover any amount of badges ordered, if you buy bulk and it costs more to post I will cover the extra.

1 UKP is approx 1.5 EUR or 1.8 USD, use to work out the exact cost in your currency.

We do not, and probably never will have a licence to sell these badges from Amiga Inc. After over a year of trying to get a licence they finally reply but want me to pay $1000 legal fees plus 12% gross on sales to obtain a licence. That is not practical so once the current badge supply is exhausted the shop will more than likely close.

Click here to see the real badges.
Amiga Badge
Badge 1
AmigaOne Badge
Badge 2
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