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mce.lha - game/utility
Apr 23, 2024

theme_list.lha - utility/misc
Apr 23, 2024

faac.lha - audio/convert
Apr 22, 2024

faad2.lha - audio/convert
Apr 22, 2024

seq.lha - audio/misc
Apr 22, 2024

libfaac.lha - development/library/audio
Apr 22, 2024

libfaad.lha - development/library/audio
Apr 22, 2024

image2pdf.lha - utility/text/convert
Apr 22, 2024

libharfbuzz.lha - development/library/graphics
Apr 20, 2024

libpng.lha - development/library/graphics
Apr 20, 2024

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AmigaOS Software

This database is designed to track the hundreds of available applications that are compatible with AmigaOS 4.x, whether native applications or classic applications from the OS 3.x days. Here you can look up a specific application to see if it works and how. Keeping the database current relies upon your input so please, if you see something missing, would like to add a tip to a title already listed, or believe there is a mistake, let us know!

Native AmigaOS 4.x Software
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Program Version Compatability

Data Display 1.3 FULL
Datadisplay is a database program written in Hollywood (requires reqtools).

DES-Like 0.2 FULL
Command to generates a pair of codes for encryption and decryption.

Desert Racing FULL
With Desert Racing of Bardos we'll show you a racing game that you have never senn on the Amiga before. Use different components for your car depending on your money, drive through amazing animated landscapes and bring your Amiga NG to boil. Both single or multiplayer modes are supported.

Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) emulator

Difendguid 0.0.10 FULL
A game based on Defender

DiffUtils 2.8.1 FULL
File comparison utility.

DigiBooster Pro 3.0 FULL
new, fully native, MUI-based tracker; verified by eliyahu (31/08/12)

Digital Universe 1.7 FULL
The Digital Universe runs natively for PPC machines under Amiga OS4, and contains numerous fixes, features, and enhancements, bringing it up to version 1.7. One of the best astronomy packages for any platform, check it out today!

Disk Helpers 2.0 FULL
A collection of Disk examination tools.

Disk Image Device 52.24 FULL
Developed from scratch for OS4 for mounting disk image files. Not to be confused with Boeckelmann's OS3.x program of the same name.

DiskImage 52.78 FULL
An application to mount any disk image file as a DOS device. You can mount an ADF file directly onto AmigaOS as a device without having to first write the file to a floppy disk. Supports practically every Amiga disk format out there. An accompanying GUI utility is also available.

DiskMaster2 FULL
A file manager, one of the first native applications.

DiskMaster2 2.6 FULL
A file manager, one of the first native applications.

Duke Nukem 3d 0.3c 04121 FULL
One of the most talked about (FPS) Shooters of all time.Os4 version has sound unlike the current wos version-

Duke Nuken 3d Setup 1.0041016 FULL
Setup program for Duke Nukem 3d

DVplayer 0.78 FULL
excellent native video player for AmigaOS 4.x; actively maintained by Stephen Fellner; verified by eliyahu (31/08/12)

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Classic Software
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Program Version Compatability

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