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mce.lha - game/utility
Apr 23, 2024

theme_list.lha - utility/misc
Apr 23, 2024

faac.lha - audio/convert
Apr 22, 2024

faad2.lha - audio/convert
Apr 22, 2024

seq.lha - audio/misc
Apr 22, 2024

libfaac.lha - development/library/audio
Apr 22, 2024

libfaad.lha - development/library/audio
Apr 22, 2024

image2pdf.lha - utility/text/convert
Apr 22, 2024

libharfbuzz.lha - development/library/graphics
Apr 20, 2024

libpng.lha - development/library/graphics
Apr 20, 2024

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AmigaOS Software

This database is designed to track the hundreds of available applications that are compatible with AmigaOS 4.x, whether native applications or classic applications from the OS 3.x days. Here you can look up a specific application to see if it works and how. Keeping the database current relies upon your input so please, if you see something missing, would like to add a tip to a title already listed, or believe there is a mistake, let us know!

Native AmigaOS 4.x Software
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Program Version Compatability

Classic Software
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Program Version Compatability

Baffle 1? FULL
Word game, came on floppy with an Amiga Magazine.

Bars&Pipes 1.23 Partial
This program freeze my system when I close it....

Benoit 2 FULL
MUI fractal generation program - 8 or 24 bit colour.

BEST Business Management 3.0 FULL
Seems to work perfectly under OS4.1 update 5. I did not try every possible submenu, but everything I tried worked fine - no DSI or other errors.

Beyond Zork / Infocom ? FULL
The Infocom text adventure with role playing elements from Infocom runs fine in OS4. I suppose that other Infocom titles run fine as well. I just copied the files over from mounted adf using the Diskimage tool.

BlackIRC 1.1 FULL
IRC Client

BookCon 1.4c FULL
Bookmarks converting utility from any Amiga web browser to another plus Opear and Netscape.
Working fine under Amigaos4.0 pre3

Brilliance 2.0 None
24-bit color bitmap graphics editor, akin to the Deluxe Paint series. Hits blitter HW directly, so cannot work properly on OS4. Favorite paint package of #6.

BrowserII 3.09 FULL
A must have for any serious Amigan. Everything works except long filenames which are truncated at 31st char.

Bubble Heroes 1.1 None
very good game, but fails to work on a1 with os4 as you get an Lowlevel.lib error when starting the game.

BurnIT 2.65 None
Great (maby the best) CD-Writer software for the classic Amiga. Config of DVD/CD drive dos not work. ISO Maker works fine.

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