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Available Operating Systems

Apart from AmigaOS 4.x, which is already covered by a separate section, other operating systems can also be used with the AmigaOne. For the time being these are mostly different Linux distributions, of which the most commonly used are SuSE, Debian and Yellow Dog. Let's have a brief look at each. AmigaOS4
Debian ( is probably the most common Linux distro used on AmigaOnes at this time. It is considered not to be quite the easiest distro to use (or set up), but it is very powerful once one learns it. A wealth of information regarding Debian especially can be found on the official A1 support forum at Ross Vumbaca's A1 site ( has an install guide and other useful stuff. Debian
Yellow Dog Linux ( is also rather widely used amongst A1 owners. It has perhaps a less steep learning curve and its PPC support is also very good. Information on installing it can be found via the ( links page. The YDL install CD images, install manual etc can be found right here YDL
In addition to the wealth of modern software Linux alone offers there is more. As the A1 uses a PPC processor, emulating Macintoshes is a real possibility (as it was with Classic Amigas and 68k Macs). At the moment the best way to go about this is Mac-on-Linux ( This offers a possibility to use a lot of commercial software made for the Mac platform. A1-specific MOL-info can be found at MoL
Emulating a modern Windows environment is not as easy, if even possible at this time. Bochs can be found in the Debian packages though and is sufficient for some older programs. Document compatibility for certain files can be achieved with Linux and for example OpenOffice, or MOL with the Mac versions of various Microsoft products.
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