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Commercial Software for AOS4

What is this?

Although there are literally hundreds of games and applications designed for and running natively on AmigaOS 4.x available from such venues as OS4Depot -- and thousands of such software titles designed for AmigaOS 3.x but fully compatible with our next-generation Amigas -- commercial software designed for AmigaOS 4.x isn't always well known. Since there are tens of such titles from software houses like Alinea Computer, APC-TCP, Airsoft Softwair, Hyperion Entertainment, and A-EON Technology, as well as from independent developers, we felt they deserve a place of their own on IntuitionBase. We've included both links for you to discover more information about each title as well as a link to a dealer where you can actually purchase the software for your NG Amiga. Developers are the life-blood of any platform, so it's even more important to support commercial Amiga developers.

Some of the items listed here are available exclusively through AmiStore, from A-EON Technology. In order to purchase these games and applications you will need to download and install AmiStore onto your next-generation Amiga.

Title Category Publisher Info Buy
Digital UniverseAstronomySyzygy Research
DigiBooster Pro 3 Audio APC-TCP
AmiPhotoGraphics Alinea Computer
Fractals for SketchBlockGraphics Andy Broad
Personal Paint 7.3cGraphics Cloanto
SketchBlock 3.4Graphics Andy Broad
Warp DatatypesGraphicsOliver Roberts
AmiWebView 2Internet Alinea Computer
AOrganiserOffice/ProductivityAndy Broad
PageStream 5Office/ProductivityGrasshopper LLC
StormC5EDText EditorsAlinea Computer
CygnusED 5Text EditorsAPC-TCP
RadeonHD Driver System Add-onA-EON Technology
Warp3D RadeonHD SISystem Add-onA-EON Technology
MUI5System Add-onMUI for AmigaOS Dev Team, SASG
Workbench CANDISystem Add-onA-EON Technology
ANotice 2UtilitiesAlinea Computer
eGameUtilitiesChristopher Handley
Dir Me UpUtilitiesBoing Attitude
Enhancer SoftwareUtilitiesA-EON Technology
MkShareUtilitiesAndy Broad
MultiViewerUtilitiesA-EON Technology
NemoSoundUtilitiesLyle Hazelwood
PowerSelect 3.0UtilitiesJanne Peraaho
RangerUtilitiesSteven Solie
Remote Desktop ClientUtilitiesHD-Zone
AmiSafe UtilitiesScott Cabit
zToolsUtilitiesGuillame Boesel
DVplayerVideo A-EON Technology
Emotion Media PlayerVideo Entwickler-X
Slarti Subtitle EditorVideoSymbiose Multimedia
Alinearis 2GamesAlinea Computer
WB Super GamesGames Alinea Computer
Simon the Sorcerer II Games AmigaKit
Aquaria Games AmigaSoft / Bit Blot
Equilibrio Games AmigaSoft / DK Games
FreeSpace 2Games AmigaSoft / Volition
CrossFire II Games APC-TCP
Ask Me Up XXLGamesBoing Attitude
Word Me Up XXL Games Boing Attitude
Ace of Hearts Games Cherry Darling
Wings BattlefieldGames Cherry Darling
Battle Squadron Games Comp-Com
A Frog GameGames Entwickler X
Balance BloxGames Entwickler X
Bubbelsche DeluxeGames Entwickler X
Bubble Shooter DXGames Entwickler X
M.A.C.E.Games Entwickler X
Postal PlusGames Entwickler X / Running with Scissors
River PiratesGames Entwickler X
Swamp DefenseGamesEntwickler X
Swamp Defense 2GamesEntwickler X
Tap Jewels Games Entwickler X
The Secret of Middle CityGames GDG Entertainment
1941 Extreme DX Games HunoPPC / BadBlocks
Dale Hardshovel Games HunoPPC / phime
Freespace Games Hyperion Entertainment
Gorky 17Games Hyperion Entertainment
BOHGames Retream
HuenisonGames Retream
Jagged Alliance 2Games Sir-Tech
Hollywood Development Airsoft Softwair
Hollywood DesignerDevelopment Airsoft Softwair
SDK BrowserDevelopmentBit by Bit Software
IBrowse 2.5InternetOliver Roberts
ZitaFTP ServerInternetKea Sigma Delta
Warp3D NovaBridge v54System Add-onA-EON Technology
Diablo (DevilutionX)GamesBlizzard North / Sinan Gurkan
SpencerGamesGDG Entertainment
Shogo: Mobile Armor DivisionGamesHyperion Entertainment
Heroes of Might and Magic II: Gold EditionGamesNew World Computing / Sinan Gurkan
Tower 57GamesPixwerk / Goldencode
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi AcademyGamesRaven Software
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi OutcastGamesRaven Software
Caesar III (Augustus)GamesSierra Online / Sinan Gurkan
Quake 2GamesHyperion Entertainment
Heretic IIGamesHyperion Entertainment

An up to date list with commercial software can also be found at

If we've missed any commercial titles in our list, please contact us to let us know.

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