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image2pdf.lha - utility/text/convert
Jun 17, 2024

reportplus.lha - utility/misc
Jun 16, 2024 - emulation/gamesystem
Jun 12, 2024

rxmuis.lha - development/misc
Jun 11, 2024

amiarcadia.lha - emulation/gamesystem
Jun 11, 2024

powerreboot.lha - utility/workbench
Jun 11, 2024

amissl-sdk.lha - development/misc
Jun 8, 2024

gluae.lha - emulation/utility
Jun 9, 2024

amissl.lha - library/misc
Jun 8, 2024

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AmigaOS Software

This database is designed to track the hundreds of available applications that are compatible with AmigaOS 4.x, whether native applications or classic applications from the OS 3.x days. Here you can look up a specific application to see if it works and how. Keeping the database current relies upon your input so please, if you see something missing, would like to add a tip to a title already listed, or believe there is a mistake, let us know!

Native AmigaOS 4.x Software
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Program Version Compatability

Classic Software
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Program Version Compatability

SampleE 4.08 FULL
16 bit sound sample editor with AHI support; verified by scabit (31/08/12)

SampleManager 1.6 FULL
AHI audio sample editor; verified by scabit (31/08/12)

Samplitude Opus 3.5 None
Hard disk sound sample editing and recording. It is freely available. The program appears to work fully, but is only supplied with Paula drivers. This is a shame because I had hoped for AHI support. If anyone has AHI drivers I think it would work.

SavED 1.2 FULL
hex editor; verified by scabit (31/08/12)

Saxon Publisher 1.0 None
Does not work with Amiga OS4.1 update 5.

SBasePro4 1.36 FULL
We are working on a PPC version also.

Scion 5.08 FULL
Genealogy software. Works perfectly.

Scout 3.3 Partial
Powerfull system monitor. CPU load doesn't work.

Scout 3.4 Partial
System monitor. Listing Mounted devices crashes machine.
Rest of monitor works. Trying to use any commands like close window or screen or kill task
crashes machine. This would be a major boon if the open-source
team could make this work in OS4

Screen in Window 37.54 release2 Partial
Returns ***Command SIM returned with unfreed signals 20000000!; when exited.

ScummVM 0.6.0 FULL
A little bit slow, but useable.

Secretary 1.0 Partial
Works just fine with OS4.1 u 5 - be sure to use the WB2 version on the disk. The only problem I found is that it generates a DSI error upon exiting the program.

SGE 1.5 Partial
Spectrum Graphics Editor. Works but slightly unstable.

SGE (Spectrum Graphics Editor) 1.5 FULL
Allows editing of graphics from withing Spectrum snapshots.

Shakespeare 1.1 None
Does not work with Amiga OS4.1 update 5.

SimCity 2000 0.037 Partial
Sim City 2000 runs with the Petunia 68k emulator in OS4 if you use a program called CIAgent. However, sound is absent.

SimEarth Hires Partial
Seems to work correctly, although difficult to tell with the "heatwave" effect.

Simon the Sorcerer 2 1.06 FULL
Works great on OS4 except that it trashes the pointer.

Slideshow Construction Set 1.0 None
Does not work with Amiga OS4.1 update 5.

Small Business Accounts 1.0 None
Does not work with Amiga OS4.1 update 5.

SMB-Connect 1.05 Partial
SAMBA handler to connect to PC shares over network.
I haven't been able to get the shared printer to work
but that may not be this handler's fault as I can't
print connected directly to A1 either. Shared folders

SnoopDOS 3.8 Partial
System snooper which one can check WHY a program isn`t starting or what
exactly is going wrong! Partial useable, cause i don`t checked very deep!

Software Tycoon 1.x FULL
This game works ok on os4 but its too slow to play without JIT.

Softwood File IISG None
Does not work with Amiga OS4.1 update 5.

Soliton 2.1 FULL
OpenSource Solitaire clone using MUI as interface

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