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Jun 17, 2024

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Jun 16, 2024 - emulation/gamesystem
Jun 12, 2024

rxmuis.lha - development/misc
Jun 11, 2024

amiarcadia.lha - emulation/gamesystem
Jun 11, 2024

powerreboot.lha - utility/workbench
Jun 11, 2024

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Jun 8, 2024

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Jun 9, 2024

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Jun 8, 2024

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Please note, the information contained on this page relates to AmigaOS 4.0 and may no longer be applicable to later versions of AmigaOS.


Here are additional themes, icon sets, backdrops etc. for you to use with OS4. You can send your own work here.

Backdrops Icons Intuition Sets Themes

Workbench Themes


Title: Purple theme
Author: Petrol
Download (149 kB)

Unpack the file and copy "purple" folder in your sys:prefs/presets/


Title: Chrome Themes
Author: PEB
Download (1529 kB)

Just copy the theme drawers into your SYS:Prefs/Presets drawer and try them out. These themes look good with light or dark backgrounds. The Chrome_bolts theme gives a good idea of what can be done with the masking ability of Intuition. (see screenshot)


Title: ikir's Theme
Author: ikir
Download (1165 kB)

ikir Theme v 1.2

-Copy ikir drawer in Prefs:Presets/
-Doubleclick on "ikir" to try the theme.
-To save, copy the prefs manually in your AmigaOS installation or simply click on "Save Theme".

-It is made for 1280x1024 resolution and i suggest a 32bit screenmode.
-I don't remember or i don't even know at all who are the authors of the graphics (like the backdrop). If you are the author and you want your name in this file or if you want to let me remove your artwork, contact me.
-The prefs drawer include Amidock prefs if you want to try my settings but the programs paths will be different.
-I use Ken's Icons.

Merlo "ikir" Riccardo


Title: Rolpho Inspired Theme
Author: PEB
Download (1146 kB)

Here is a theme that was inspired by the artwork of Rolpho. This version does not support the special MUI gagets; the next version will. So if you have any other suggestions for improvement, let me know before I release the next version.


Title: Black & Tan
Author: PEB
Download (464 kB)

Use them in good health.


Title: Tsohg
Author: Szymon Tomzik
Download (688 kB)

Tsohg theme for AmigaOS 4 by SZAMAN

Szymon Tomzik -,

Background picture: "Blue brushed metal AOS4" by Francis G. Loch ( and red butterfly "Dryas julia" from

Required: Arial and Arial Bold Italic font in FONTS:

How to use:

1. Copy Tsohg drawer to SYS:Prefs/Presets
2. Click on "Tsohg" icon
3. Click on "Save Theme"

4. Rounded titlebar corners - edit file SYS:Prefs/Presets/Tsohg/Bitmaps/Config (BarMasking = Yes)


Title: AmiXP
Author: Szymon Tomzik
Download (531 kB)

AmiXP theme for AmigaOS 4 by SZAMAN

Szymon Tomzik -,

Background picture: "Win Day" by PANINARO

Required: Arial and Arial Bold font in FONTS:

How to use:

1. Copy AmiXP drawer to SYS:Prefs/Presets
2. Click on "AmiXP" icon
3. Click on "Save Theme"


Title: Blue_Steel, Cool_Silver, Black_Gold, and Silver_Delux Themes
Author: PEB
Download (1346 kB)

Just copy the Theme drawers into your SYS:Prefs/Presets drawer and enjoy.


Author: Petrol
Download (1607 kB)

Install. .copy the simoami directory to your presets drawer in prefs. Some years ago, a great amiga user named Simoami has made a mock-up for the Up comming AmigaOs4 gui. This is why I named this theme like him. Petrol.


Title: Aquamiga
Author: Petrol
Download (1125 kB)

Just an other MacOSX theme made for fun. Just unpack file and copy the prefs drawer in your system partition (SYS:). Click on the Aquamiga icon in PrefsPresetsDefault and save theme. All gadgets have alpha channel on a separate file .amap. Include Screenshots. Petrol.


Title: YellowBabel - gui theme for AmigaOS 4
Author: Szymon Tomzik
Download (541 kB)

YellowBabel theme for AmigaOS 4 by SZAMAN Szymon Tomzik -, Background picture: Pieter Bruegel the Elder - "The Tower of Babel - 1563" How to use: 1. Copy YellowBabel drawer to SYS:Prefs/Presets 2. Click on "YellowBabel" icon 3. Click on "Save Theme"


Title: Deathcons OS4 Theme
Author: Deathcon and Jamie Krueger
Download (990 kB)

Deathcon's Theme for AmigaOS4(tm)
This theme was built from various graphic components found on the Internet (authors unknown - sorry), by a good friend of mine. It is called DeathconsTheme because that is the handle he usually goes by. :)

After I featured this theme in screenshots of the release of The SDK Browser v1.0.0.0, I kept getting several requests to make it available. So here it is! :-)

Deathcon was nice enough to give me all the graphic pieces he used and screenshots of the preference panels so I could duplicate his settings. After a bit of minor adjustments, I wrapped it all up into an actual "AmigaOS4(tm) Theme".

See the readme in the archive for instructions on installing.


Jamie Krueger

BITbyBIT Software Group LLC

Empowering Amiga(tm) Developers!

©2004-2023 IntuitionBase