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Hardware compatibility


SCSI/IDE Controllers    < Back to categories menu
Model Manufacturer Chipset OS4 Linux
Combo Sata / USB Addonics Sil3112 &amp; NEC Compatible Unknown/Untested
Notes: Two SATA ports and five USB2 ports; tested with OS4.1u5 on A1-XE; no hangs during read/write to USB2 sticks; nice speed
SD-VIA-1A5E1IR Syba VIA VT6214 + VT6421 Compatible Unknown/Untested
Notes: This multi port card features 4 USB2 ports, 2 SATA ports and 1 dual RAID IDE controller; the USB ports work (under USB 1.1) as long as I comment out the EHCI module from kicklayout. There does not yet exist a driver for the RAID ISE controller / SATA VT64
SATA/IDE to USB2.0 Adapter Vantec N/A Compatible Unknown/Untested
Notes: confirmed working under AmigaOS4.1 update 5
SATAConnect 1205SA Adaptec ASH-1205SA Not compatible Compatible
Notes: PCI card, no driver for OS4 yet.
6-Port SATA II 150 PCI Host Card Vantec SIL3114 Compatible Compatible
Notes: If your AmigaOne system dates before 2007, chances are you only have IDE. Add up to four internal SATA ports and two external eSATA ports for modern storage devices. Supported by OS4 sii3114ide.device driver.
ST Lab Sil 0680 ATA/133 PCI Raid Card ST Lab sil 0680 Compatible Compatible
Notes: PCI card, no problem with Amiga one + OS4 (upd 3).
Just take care in the UBOOT environment variables ! (You can do it without problem if you search about silcard in
DC-150 RAID 150 MB/s Dawicontroll Sil 3112 Compatible Unknown/Untested
Notes: 1st Disable the Jumper ROM.
2nd It do not works in the 66Mhz PCI-Slot near the AGP
3rd You Must have the Pre3-Update installed
Ultra ATA/133 PCI Card F5U098 Belkin Silicon Image 680A Compatible Unknown/Untested
Notes: Card was $50.00 USD at CompUSA
SD-SIL680-RAID Syba SIL680 Compatible Compatible
Notes: Ultra ATA 100/133 IDE RAID PCI Controller Card
TAC-305 RAID Ultra ATA-133 PCI board Taiwan Alliance Corporation Sil 0680 Compatible Compatible
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