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Hardware compatibility


RAM    < Back to categories menu
Model Manufacturer Chipset OS4 Linux
HYS72V128321GR-7.5-D Infineon N/A Compatible Unknown/Untested
Notes: HYS72V128321GR-7.5-D 31P8420 PC133 Reg.ECC CL3 168-Pin, 1024 MB; two Modules working in AmigaOne XE/G4 800MHz
HYS72V128320GR 7.5 C2 Infineon 1024MB Sync CL3 ECC Reg Not compatible Unknown/Untested
Notes: Tested on A1XE-800MHz: caused severe system errors; did not work in either one or two module configuration. Has been previously reported elsewhere as working.
KTD-PE1400/512 Kingston Samsung DRAM Compatible Unknown/Untested
Notes: Tested only alone, without any other DIMM attached.
CT128M72S4R75 Crucial N/A Compatible Unknown/Untested
Notes: 1GB. Works in pair 2x1GB flawlessly. Also referenced as MT36LSDF12872Y (Micron)
MT36LSDF12872Y-133D1 Micron N/A Compatible Unknown/Untested
Notes: Refer to CT128M72S4R75 for details
KVR133X64C3/512 Kingston N/A Compatible Unknown/Untested
Notes: Two aren't recognized by u-boot.(512+512) I have One of 512 and the other of 128 running OS 4.0 perfectly.
KVR133X72RC3/512 Kingston Infineon Compatible Compatible
Notes: Trash the system in slot 2 with slot 1 occupied. Not tested alone.Note added by AlexC: Works fine alone in either slot and in pairs as long as you don&#039;t mix it with a different module.
KVR133X72RC3/1024A Kingston Samsung Compatible Unknown/Untested
Notes: 1GiB modules like the 512MiB model but with two chips stacked(36 chips total).Works fine alone in either slot.Works fine in pairs (2GB total) but memory transfers induce some gfx distortion on Radeon 7500.
HY57V56820BT-H Hynix N/A Compatible Not compatible
Notes: 512MB PC133 double sided unregistered SIMM. 16x IC's on board. Will boot into OS4, but curiously looks like only first half of memory is useable, as memtester fails on the second half or upper 256MB of memory. Refuses to boot in Linux, it ends up
S3224M338SM586200087 StarRam N/A Compatible Compatible
Notes: 256MB SDRAM 133Mhz CL3 32Mx64 Unregistered (?) DIMM. Works fine with OS4 and Linux. Also tested by sharing with other AmigaOne compatible brand. Hope that model number is correct!
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