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The AmigaOne-SE ...

The AmigaOne-SE (From here on will be referred to as A1-SE) was the first of the AmigaOne series to be produced by eyetech. They have a soldered on G3 at 600mhz, but other than that they are identical to the XE, and as such are no longer produced. However they are a nice board all the same and a G3 600 is plenty powerful enough for most tasks. The board design is based on a standard ATX style motherboard (Its physical appearance. could be compared to a PC motherboard) and as such it can be mounted into any standard tower case, can have any standard AGP/PCI graphics card, sound card, TV card, USB mice or keyboards attached to it. Which ones will actually be supported by the AmigaOS (Operating System), is covered elsewhere on this site.

Immediately you should have a picture that the next generation of Amiga systems do not have the restrictions that 'Classic' systems had with having to buy 'specialist' hardware from 'specialist' Amiga stores. The first of many good moves made by Eyetech.

A1-SE specifications (And a little description if you are new to this game)...
  • G3 PPC Processor @ 600Mhz
  • Max of 2GB memory
    - Memory type is DIMM Registered 133
  • Standard IDE headers
    - Up to 4 IDE devices
  • Northbridge
    - Articia 'S' with fix
    - This is the interface between the CPU, memory and PCI bus
  • Southbridge
    - VIA 82C686B
    - The chip that handles the system timing, interrupts,
    - communication between functions such as IDE, USB etc...
  • 1 AGP Slot
    - 2x speed
  • 4 PCI slots
    - 3 x PCI 33MHz
    - 1 x PCI 66MHz
  • 10/100 Ethernet chip & socket installed
    - 3COM 920C
  • USB ports
    - 2 mounted on the back plate of the system
    - 2 headers are mounted on the motherboard
  • PS2 ports
    - For standard PS2 keyboard + mouse
  • Serial ports
    - 2 x 16650 equivalent
  • Parallel port
    - 1 x EPP/ECP
  • IRDA port
    - Header on the mother board
  • Firmware
    - PPCBoot and AmigaOS4 enabler
  • OS capability
    - AmigaOS4
    - (Suse) LinuxPPC
    - MacOS (Using MOL, emulation through Linux)
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