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What is this?

In years past, group IRC discussion with key members of the AmigaOS development community were common. Sadly, the popularity of IRC has faded over the years, along with the interaction that was once so common with the development community. Below are some transcripts captured during days gone by.

How do I participate?

First you'll need an IRC client. If you're using a next-generation Amiga there are several choices, the most popular being the venerable AmIRC or the recently open-sourced Wookiechat.

For Wookiechat, there were released some extra beta versions, which can be found at These fix some bugs of the previous stable versions, but they might not work properly on your system. Use it at your own risk.

Once you configure the client with your preferred screen name, you'll want to find a channel to talk in. We recommend the AmigaWorld IRC server, specifically the #amigaworld and #amigans channels. You can find more information at

There is also the Amigans channel on Discord, if you prefer using that application. You can join us at The general channel on Discord is also connected with the #amigans channel on IRC, so that you won't miss any discussions.

Jason McMullan, Core Developer, AROS
25 August 2013
R. Trevor Dickinson, Managing Director A-EON Technology, Ltd.
21 July 2013
Steven Solie, AmigaOS Development Team Lead
07 July 2013
Roberto Dohnert, CEO PC-OpenSystems, LLC
30 June 2013
Hans-Joerg and Thomas Frieden, OS4 Lead Developers
28 December 2005

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