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What is this?

Over the years group IRC discussion with key members of the AmigaOS development community were the norm. Sadly that has waned since the heady days of the early '00s, but they are now starting to make a comeback due to the organizers of the Asha Memorial Chat, better known as team*AMIGA. Additionally there are other IRC channels available every day to catch a discussion with fellow Amigans. On this page we'll be keeping transcripts from organized "Question and Answer" sessions as well as updates on available Amiga-related IRC facilities.

How do I participate?

That's the easy part. First you'll need an IRC client. If you're using a next-generation Amiga there are several choices, the most popular being the venerable AmIRC or the recently open-sourced Wookiechat. Once you configure the client with your preferred screen name, you'll want to find a channel to talk in. We recommend the AmigaWorld IRC server, specifically the #amigaworld and #amigans channels. You can find more information at

But on Sunday evenings the only place to be is the Asha Memorial Chat. To join just point your IRC client to on Sunday evenings, usually starting around 3PM EDT (1900 UTC). Enter channel #team*amiga and you're done. Recently the channel has started hosting regular Q&A sessions, which we will try to archive for posterity here.

Jason McMullan, Core Developer, AROS
25 August 2013
R. Trevor Dickinson, Managing Director A-EON Technology, Ltd.
21 July 2013
Steven Solie, AmigaOS Development Team Lead
07 July 2013
Roberto Dohnert, CEO PC-OpenSystems, LLC
30 June 2013
Hans-Joerg and Thomas Frieden, OS4 Lead Developers
28 December 2005

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