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Advertising and Sponsorship is disabled. This page remains active for historical reasons.

Advertising and Sponsorship on

With the sales of case badges coming to an end (thanks Amiga Inc) we need to look at another revenue stream to pay for our operational costs. So after thinking about it, and testing it out I have decided to include advertisement banners on

The banner size is 468x60dpi, which is a standard banner size used throughout the internet, and they get displayed at the top of every page. We can host the banner for you, or we can link to your banner at your own website.

There will only ever be 3 banners in use at any one time so that each banner gets a good share of the page loads, making it more attractive to anyone wanting to purchase some banner time from us. Also I will only allow one free banner at a time unless there are special circumstances.


With over 40,000 page views a month I think the following pricing is fair:
•For any commercial entity wishing to purchase banner space its 15 euros a month and can be paid for on a month by month basis or a few months at a time.
•For any Amiga events banner placement is free for the last 2 months before the event date. If you wish to have a banner up for longer it will be 10 euros a month up until the last remaining 2 months, which are free.
•If you don't fit into the above 2 categories but would still like to place a banner on them please use the contact form to contact me.

If you do fit into either of the above to categories and would like to support us and place a banner on please use the contact form to contact me to discuss the duration and payment.

Payment can be made only though paypal.

Terms and Conditions

Payments must be made before the beginning of the next calendar month when your banner is to be displayed. If payment is not received by the beginning of the new month your banner will be withdrawn.

The banners you send in remain copyrighted to you and we cannot be held liable for any claim raised against the images used.

We reserve the right to terminate the advertisement period at any moment and for any reason and a refund cannot be guaranteed.
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